Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mojito MY way

Have You ever ended with crackling not dissolved sugar between Your teeth while sipping Your mojito in a bar, or feeling synthetic mint syrup in Your drink, or not enough sour or too sweet, or not enough minty, or too strong… Good mojito is hard to find. This is definitely not conventional way to make it. Maybe most of professional bar tenders would say it’s not the right way to make mojito, but I like it, I love the taste, I love the look and I want to share…

For 2 persons

2 limes
1 bunch of mint
100 ml of  white rum (I like dark rum)
4 teaspoons cane sugar
200 ml of tonic

1)      Prepare 2 highball glasses. Wash limes and mint. Pat dry. 

2)      Squeeze juice  of limes into glasses. Juice of 1 lime per glass.

       Quarter the lime skins and put into food processor. Set aside 4 best branches of tear off mint leaves and add to the lime skins. Add 4 teaspoons of sugar and 50ml of tonic. Blend everything together. 

3)      Strain that precious extract into a clean measuring glass and divide between 2 serving glasses equally . 

ATTENTION: DO NOT THROW AWAY blended mint and lime skins after straining. Place them into clean jar, fill with vodka in quantity to cover the blended mass. (You can even splurge and fill jar with rum) 

Close with a jar lid and keep in fridge for 2 weeks. Strain into a clean bottle. And treat Yourself with LAZY Mojito: 50 ml of scented vodka and 100 ml of tonic. Of course You can change proportions. 

4)      Add 50 ml of rum and 75 ml of tonic into each serving glass.

         Carefully add ice cubes to the cocktails to make the glasses  full. (Crushed ice looks beautiful, but deludes Your drink too much)  Decorate with mint branches.  Serve and enjoy with a good company!

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